Participation de la société Iogrow – Save leads from social network and organize your sales process

Participation de la société Iogrow – Save leads from social network and organize your sales process


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1 – Quel problème essayez-vous de résoudre ?

Many companies uses Social networks to generate leads, and uses a CRM to manage their sales process and there is no way to save their leads automatically from Social networks to their CRM.


2 – En quoi consiste votre solution ?

We have two kinds of solutions the first one for companies that don’t have a CRM, and the second one for companies that have a CRM. 1) IoGrow CRM: generate leads from Social networks and manage the sales process. 2) Save leads from Social networks(LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Angelist, Gmail…) to Salesforce CRM.


3 – A combien estimez-vous la taille de votre marché ?

Market stats say that next years there will be a huge growth of social selling market recently published by Marketsandmarkets that « Social CRM Market Worth $17.92 Billion by 2019″, which is a market fit for our product, as we targeting all startups so the grow of the number of startups is an advantage for us.


4 – Quels sont vos concurrents ?

1)ioGrow : prospeerwork, CRM, ,

2)Copylead : Acquire,, ExportToCRM, Ebsta


5 – En quoi vous différenciez-vous de vos concurrents ?

1) IoGrow: – There are a lot of CRMs but they don’t give a good lead management(lead scoring, lead qualification…) like prospeerwork. – Most of CRMs underestimate the importance of social networks, they are not integrated with Social networks like CRM, ,, …

2) CopyLead: Our main competitors: Acquire,, ExportToCRM, Ebsta. our competitive advantage, is easy to use just with one click, Bulk import, in coming version there will integration with, to bring emails/phones.


6 – Quel est votre modèle économique ?

1) IoGrow: We follow a fremium model Where the user have a full access to CRM with limit of records and social networks integration, Awesome with unlimited records and full integration with social network 10$/month/user,Professional package 20$/month/user with lead scoring and lead qualification.

2)CopyLead: We follow a fremium model: – Free with 50 leads to save and only from LinkedIn. – Awesome package: 10$/month/user unlimited records, unlimited social networks integration. – Entreprise package: 20$/month/user: unlimited records and social networks integration plus analytics, -Social selling using LinkedIn and Twitter : – Ads – Email Marketing -Google Apps for work partners. -Google Apps for work distributors. -Google Chrome Store -Google Apps Marketplace.


7 – Présentation de l’équipe

The team is mixed profiles between Marketing skills business development, growth hacker, project manger and software engineer.In september 2013 After six months of working part-time, hakim Karriche, then senior CRM consultant, and tedjeddine Meabiou, then working on his own software integration company called WeRework, presented their project to Benabes Belfodil, Success2i’s CEO. Belfodil then joined them as CEO of ioGrow, and the two and the two cofounders started working full time.

After that Ikram mechernene joined the venture like marketing director and advisor


8 – Quels sont vos besoins actuels ?

1- Fund rainsing

2- we need to hire Marketing Director and Sales manager from San francisco to help us supprot our growth and push the product to the market

3-increase sales



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