Participation – Mevvy – Simplified app discovery – Mevvy – Making the world a better place for apps, users and developers.


Participation – Mevvy – Simplified app discovery – Mevvy – Making the world a better place for apps, users and developers.

Site Web : Mevvy – Simplified app discovery

1 – Quel problème essayez-vous de résoudre?
In today’s app ecosystem there are several issues that need to be fixed FOR DEVELOPERS – increase exposure and downloads, find the right users for their apps FOR USERS – app discovery and finding the right apps based on their needs & likes

2 – En quoi consiste votre solution ?
Our goal is to simplify app discovery for users and developers. FOR DEVELOPERS We have grown an API that hosts all apps present today on Google Play, iTunes and Windows Phone Marketplace. This API will feed our new website (launching in early April!) and is used by our clients to supply the most accurate app data on their websites and blogs. FOR USERS We run a curated app directory that showcases the best apps on every platform. Our new website will include special features like Editor Pages, Real Ratings and Better Categorization.

3 – A combien estimez-vous la taille de votre marché ?
All smartphone users – 1.5b All app developers – ~1.5m

4 – Quels sont vos concurrents ? – owners and operators of an Android API – online marketplace for app details – an app search engine – API and app discovery network – app directory

5 – En quoi vous différenciez-vous de vos concurrents ?
While most of our competitors do play a role in the app discovery arena, none are trying to market their API to the same clients we do.

6 – Quel modèle économique ?
Website: Advertising through AdSense Advertising through Featured App listings API: Freemium model based on requests/month

7 – Présentation de l’équipe
Melanie Haselmayr – CEO and Founder, takes care of the operations of the company including marketing, sales and finance management. Dan-Claudiu Gavril – CTO, takes care of the entire development process of the API and website development Aya Rosario – Marketing Assistant, responsible for social media and client relations

8 – Quels sont vos besoins actuels ?
We are currently in the process of recruiting another developer for the team as well as sales/marketing interns to help increase sales of the API.

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